Thursday, 24 January 2008

Joys of Finishing! NOT!!!

I don't know what it is about finishing a knitting project that just revolts me so much. I believe it's a combination of many things, weaving in, blocking, sewing, picking up stitches around the collar...

Ever been through post-partum depression? To me, the thought of my project going off of my needles and into finishing process is similar to going through labor and delivery for a baby. The intense labor I have to put my brain through, not withstanding the procrastination, in order to get to the finishing stage is horrible! It must be the reason why I have so many projects in the final stages of knitting, but yet I can't bring myself to take them off the needles. Hence, it explains the 20 or so pairs of each needle size I have at home.

I ALMOST finished a piece last night! ALMOST! That cotton top was calling my name from the knitting bag "Oh Kiiiiimmm! I've been in here for a week now! You need to do something about it or Stashie will be after you! Remember, no new yarn, patterns, needles until I am completed." Stashie is our watch dog in my knitting forum on Delphi. She is the boss when it comes to our CBEs (character building exercises) and she is waiting to see a picture of my finished projects by Feb. 14.

Allllrrrright! I vowed that I would finish it, so I took it out of the bag, layed it out on the table, admired it for a couple of minutes, rearranged it a few times, fought the wave of terror when I saw all the dangling strands waiting to be weaved and then decided that I should make myself a tea. Yeah! A tea would soothe me and get me into the weaving the ends mode. A few minutes later, tea in hand, I stood in front of it again determined to begin long boring process of weaving all those little ends it.

Well I needed my darning needle and went back to my knitting bag to search for it but came across the latest issue of Vogue Knitting magazine which I had not had a chance to flip through. I drooled over the patterns one by one, mentally noting what colors I would use and what I would alter to make it my own. Glancing at my watch, I was shocked to realize that it was 9pm! It was a half hour passed my son's bedtime, my laundry had not been started, dishes were still in the sink and some of the groceries I had brought home an hour earlier were still sitting in the kitchen waiting to be put away!

As I busied myself doing what needed to be done, the sweater was waiting on the table, giving me pangs of guilt. But I had priorities you know.

By 10:30pm, my tea was cold, son was asleep, laundry was well under way and kitchen was in order. Oh yes, I couldn't forget to call BF and ask how is evening was going. Chit chat... chit chat... chit chat...

Midnight! I peeked round the corner to where the sweater was on the table... still motionless... waiting... Calmly, I walked over to it, folded it neatly, while ignoring its pleas, and placed it back in the knitting bag. Unfortunately, it was bed time and I would have to start procrastinating another day. Maybe tonight!

Til the next post!


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