Monday, 21 January 2008

It's a Knitter's World!

I am happily shocked that so many resources are available online for knitters! :o) My blog only posts very few knitting links. There are thousands of online knitting stores, free patterns and even how-to-knit resources for anyone who is interested in starting to knit or even the experienced knitters. This following site contains knitting videos for those willing to learn.

Can you believe that I actually completed two projects over the weekend? Woohoo! Off the needles are the hat and scarf set and the long-tailed hat for my daughter. My daughter will be thrilled that after 3 years, I have finally finished the hat for her. All it needed was a tassle and to have the ends sewn in. The tassle is a little big though... I may just remove it and replace it by a smaller one. I wouldn't want my 12yr old girl being teased at school because she has a huge honking tassle dangling from her hat! In any event, here is the picture of the hat and scarf set. I will post the picture of my daughter's hat with the tassle of her choice next weekend.

Socks! ARGH! My second pair of socks ever is on my dpn's and I had some repairing to do. When I last checked, a few stitches were lost as the project was squished at the bottom of my knitting bag. While half-asleep on the bus this morning, I saved the lost stitches and got to knitting them up again. I am still on the first sock and noticed that a line is going up the side of it between two needles. I was told that I am not knitting tight enough when changing needles. Something for me to watch out for when I knit with dpn's.

Another project which, hopefully, I should complete this week is my summer cotton top. The pattern is out of the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 1999 edition magazine. It is now taking over the bed in my boyfriend's guest room as I blocked it and it is drying under a fan. You can see in the picture below, what it looks like. The only thing left to do is knit up the collar and weaving in the ends.

Mentioning weaving ends made me think about the last Ottawa Knitting Guild meeting I attended. A knitter seated at the same table as I happened to tell everyone that she weaves her ends in as she knits. What a great idea! I experimented with that on the weekend while knitting up the grey hat. What a time saver and it looks great too!

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