Thursday, 17 January 2008

I must be losing it

Leaving the house yesterday morning to go to work, I noticed my house keys were missing. I lost a half hour running around the house like a maniac looking for them and arriving late at the office because of it. I never found them.

Last night at home I couldn't even concentrate when cooking dinner. All I could think of was the missing keys and opening cupboard doors, getting on all fours to check underneath the appliances (my kitty loves to fling things around the house). After our meal, I enlisted the help of my two enthusiastic and helpful (NOT!!) children to try and locate the rickin' frackin' (my best friend's polite way of swearing) keys. After two hours of turning the house, garage and car upside down, NOTHING! I even put rubber gloves on and searched the garbage! EWE!

At 7am this morning, I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. I swear I needed ice picks to climb up our huge snow bank. Why, do you ask, is this crazy woman climbing a snowbank?? Well, on Tuesday evening, I shoveled my driveway and walk way as well as the neighbor's drive way as well as did my community service by clearning the water drains at the end of our street. My house keys are always in my coat pocket and the pocket is zipped up. Maybe I FORGOT to zip up my pocket and by chance, the keys fell out and I shoveled them into the snow bank. Very logical assumption, don't you think? THAT, my friends is why I was climbing the snowbank which is a huge mound of ice after the rain and thaw of last week. To make things worse, two cute little neighborhood children used my snowbank as a tobboganing hill yesterday afternoon sometime. If my keys are in the snow bank, they are WAAAAAYYYY in it deep! After escalading Mount Everest without breaking any bones, I came out keyless again. I will have to devote time to key searching again tonight.

Not all my evening was lost to the search of those keys. I was able to catch up on messages in my favorite knitting forum in Delphi, took more pictures of PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) and yarn in my stash. Tonight is dedicated solely to looking for missing patterns. I need those patterns to work on them this coming weekend.

Until the next post...


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