Thursday, 31 January 2008

Head In A Fish Tank

No real updates today as I am totally feeling under the weather. My sinuses are clogged, my throat is raw, I am sneezing non-stop and I am running a mild fever. Yeah, yeah... okay... I'll stop complaining! :o) As a knitter would say, thank goodness for two sticks and some yarn.

Photography is another hobby of mine which I hope to keep dabbling into from time to time. I know my pics here are not up to par with many I've seen but I also need an up to date digital camera and more time! I have a wonderful Nikon camera (not digital) and I brought my 18 or so film I had not developped (at least two years worth of pictures) in some time. It will be quite the surprise to see what is on those CDs! Thanks to my best friend for kicking me in the arse to bring them in because I keep procrastinating on that. She works in photo developing and next week, I can't wait to see what kind of pics are on there. :o)

On the bus this morning, I knit a bit on the darn sock but I really felt like borrowing the shoulder of the man sitting next to me and falling asleep. Wonder what kind of reaction that would have ensued? Well it actually happened to me one evening on the way home and it had me and other passengers in stitches. A very exhausted university student was seated next to me on the bus and I was engrossed in a really good book until I felt a sudden weight on my left shoulder. Slowly, I turned my head only to realize that my seat buddy was fast asleep with his head on my shoulder and his hair brushing my face! I smiled, looked around at other passengers also smirking, and went back to reading my book. What could I do? Well wouldn't ya know he started snoring! Not a soft little purring snore but the kind that had my whole body vibrating! I tried to politely give him a shove with my elbow to sort of wake him up but he just silenced his snoring long enough to take a deep breath and smack his lips (you know when they sort of look like they are chewing on nothing and making a lot of noise?). By this time, other passengers couldn't contain their laughter and neither could I. Funny how he jerked awake just before his stop! Just like his alarm clock had rung! He shook his head, grabbed his bag and off he went out the door as if nothing ever happened! That scares me... I fall asleep on the bus sometimes and it gives me the heebie geevies to think what I might be doing while sleeping. hmmmm... yep... scary!

Apologies for the boring post but right now I feel like my head is in a fish tank and I "ab talkig like dis"!

Until next post...


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