Friday, 18 January 2008

A Friday I've been looking forward to...

Update on the lost keys: STILL NOT FOUND! It may have to wait until Spring thaw.

The weekend is finally almost here and honestly, I can't wait to slip into cozy warm clothes, sit my two lower cheeks on a chair with needles in hand and a good movie on t.v.

While enjoying a glass of wine with my cousin last night, she showed me this book with patterns for a wedding. (in case you are wondering, I am not planning a wedding) A few patterns caught my eye including tiny handbags and the dress itself is beautiful. I thought it was a good idea of Suss Cousins to publish this book as not many exist for wedding accessories.

I am a huge fan of Debbie Bliss because of the simplicity and straight lines in her pattern designs and the fact that she uses a lot of cotton. I have about five books of hers in my knitting library and they are a great source of reference and inspiration to me. You can check out her site here :

Debbie Bliss

Monday, January 21, is the monthly Ottawa Knitting Guild meeting. I look foward to this every month. Just to admire everyone's projects, meet new friends and knit away while listening to knitting tips is a haven for me! This month's topic is steeks. I have heard of them but never actually tried them. The thought of cutting my knitted garment is horrifying! I'll update you on Tuesday.

While riding the bus to the office and back home, I enjoy the extra knitting time but some passengers really do not respect the space of others on public transit. One morning, I was knitting away quietly in my seat by the window when a gentleman plopped himself heavily beside me. I was riding an older bus with the vinyl seats that are mostly hard and full of air. My needles almost went flying out of my hands when he landed on the seat as my butt momentarily left the seat for a split second. He then proceeded to elbow me while looking for something in his bag. Locating the newspaper he was looking for, he noisily opened it up and snapped the pages to get the kinks out. Not once did he realize that his paper was covering my knitting or the fact that I was trying to peek under his newspaper to see what I was doing. Frustrated, I started exaggerating the movement in my hands while knitting. My needles started flying and making a rythmic "Pock! Pock! Pock!" while hitting the newspaper. He glanced at me sideways, huffed and then folded his paper back. I consider him very lucky that my needles stayed in my hands and didn't find themselves somewhere they didn't belong.

Happy weekend all and until the next post...


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