Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Floored by Blogs!!!

Well blow me over!! I was totally floored to discover so many knitting blogs out there! The amount of knitters from all over this crazy planet is amazing! Glad to know I'm not the only one tangled in skeins or in stitches or purled in wisdom!! :o) I accidentally came across this blog while reading one of my favorite yarn blogs. Bingo! I hit the jackpot of blogging knitters!! If you feel the need to associate with others of your kind (if you're a knitter that is) here is the link:

Knitting Blogs

Happy reading!

Patons is heaven to my ears, eyes and creative fingers. I flip over their yarns and they are Canadian to boot! From 100% Classic Merino wool to the 100% Mercerized Cotton "Grace" there are endless creative possibilities to inspire the knitter's mind. Yarns for babies, socks, warm sweaters and scarves... I ooh! and aah! over the palette colors and textures which get my little fingers itching to touch them all! *sigh* Okay... out of the permanent yarn shop in my mind and back to the blog. Here is some Classic Merino I have in my stash... I am planning to make a felted handbag with it.

My knitting library contains many Patons pattern leaflets including ones from the 1940s. Those vintage baby layette patterns are priceless and never seem to go out of style. The Back to Basics books were a great source of reference to me when I was a beginner on needles. My first attempt at knitting a sweater over 15 years ago was a raglan long-sleeved sweater for my nephew.

The Patons website also offers free patterns and how-to-knit resources. If you are new at knitting or not and have yet to dabble in their website, you may do so at:

Patons Yarns

Our city is blanketed in a new white layer of snow. It makes me want to pack up, head home from the office, settle myself under a warm blanket with a good movie on t.v. and wind the yarn around my fingers in the comforting way that I like and get stitching. Unfortunately, my lunch hour is nearing to an end and I have to get back to work.

No update on the Knitting Guild as I did not attend... I am not a winter person and it was damn cold last night!

Until the next post!


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