Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Fiddler Wannabe

I love to play the fiddle but unfortunately other priorities keep me from playing the minimum 45 minutes I should be playing daily. Progress is slow but any time I spend with the fiddle is so much fun. I have been playing for 3½ years now and can slowly pick up a tune by listening to it. Well... by pressing pause/replay on the cd player a couple of thousand times, I can play the whole tune. hehe

My favorite pieces to play are St-Anne's Reel and Three Men on a White Horse. I picked up the fiddle a couple of nights ago and played a few tunes. My fingers were hurting and my playing is rusty. More time... more time for knitting, fiddling, playing on the computer on Facebook and Ravelry and Blogging and my Knit and Chat forum, for my kids, my friends, my boyfriend. A dream of mine would be to actually be able to split myself in 4 so I can accomplish so much more!

Tonight is daughter and Mom night. We take a couple of nights a month and do something together, just the two of us, without the boys. It's just getting a little more difficult now that her hormones are raging as much as my own. All I can do is remain calm and keep telling myself that one day, I will miss these days. :o) This evening we plan to give ourselves make-overs and then take pictures together.

Once I kiss my daughter goodnight, I'll be burrying myself in my yarn stash in the hopes of not getting lost (NOT! I would love to get lost in it and never return!). The inventory of my yarn and pattern books needs to be done. I figure, that once this is all organised, I won't feel so overwhelmed by PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks).

Mentioning grocery sacks got me thinking of my purchase last week. Many of the retail and grocery stores are now offering re-usable shopping bags at a low cost. I bought three fabric ones at my local grocery store and will use them to keep knitting projects in. At 99¢ a bag, you can't go wrong!

'Til the next post....


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