Friday, 11 January 2008

Currently on my needles... and being worked, that is!

My needles are carrying a hat that matches with a scarf that I completed about a week ago. It is for my boyfriend's mother (gotta keep impressing her, ya know... no seriously, she is a really nice lady. :o)). The scarf is knitted in a double moss stitch on size 8mm needles. I saw the picture of the stitch in a book that I have and I liked it. I dug out the Phentex Merit yarn in Mid-Grey and started clicking. It was only supposed to be a scarf but then I had enough yarn left over to make a hat. I knitted the border of the hat in double moss stitch and finishing it off in stocking stitch. The funny part is, when I saw her coat (which I didn't know what color it was) I was ecstatic! It is a long light grey coat and the mid grey that I have is actually dark grey. It compliments her coat perfectly!

What a beautiful mix of weather Ottawa has been receiving in the last few hours. It all started sometime in the wee hours of the morning with a dusting of snow with strong winds. I woke up this morning to the ticking sound of freezing rain on my window and then the dreaded call came. The one where many parents either love or loathe. I usually love it when I get the call that school bus transportation is cancelled due to bad weather because I get to stay home with the kids. This morning, was another story. I had been off sick on Monday and then my son has a PD day on January 25th, therefore I couldn't possibly not show up at the office today. To his grave disappointment I decided to drive him to the caregiver's house.

On the drive to the Park and Ride bus stop, there was ice pellets, then huge heavy snowflakes (the ones that are so full of water that they make a thump when they land on your windshield). Needless to say, the road was white in a matter of two minutes.

I am planning to get those needles clicking again this weekend. The chores I have to do this weekend are endless. After my little hospital stay, it set me back quite a bit. Christmas everything needs to go back in storage, the laundry situation is hopeless and my housecleaning is waiting for me to get to... BUT I do have my two needles and yarn! :o)

Until next time... woohoo! Two posts in a week!


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