Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ottawa Knitting Guild

I went to my first Ottawa Knitting Guild members meeting on Monday, September 17. What an experience it was to see all those knitters in one room.

Show and tell revealed beautiful works of art from everyone! From adorable baby sweaters to a beautiful tablecloth, I enjoyed hearing the authors' stories that went along with each knitted piece.

The focus on socks was very informative and has piqued my interest in knitting more. I have only every knitted one pair of socks before. The sock designs are endless and they can be knitted up so quickly. I believe I'll be at the yarn shop again soon looking for dpn's and sock yarn.

I am so thrilled to be part of such a guild. The membership benefits are wonderful not to forget the fact that you meet so many new people who share the same passion as I do.

I am anxiously anticipating the next meeting in October.

On another note, I adopted a gorgeous female cat. She had been sleeping underneath my deck for over a month. I didn't feed her but everytime I went outside to hang my laundry on the line, she would come up to me to be petted. Three weeks ago, I finally bought her some food and set her up in my home. As a child, I always brought in strays. My heart just goes out to them.

We named her Chassie and the kids love her to death. She is talkative and responds to anything you tell her, loves to have her belly rubbed and is just an all around great cat. She made herself at home and we spoil her rotten with attention. I've included a picture.

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