Sunday, 16 September 2007

Fall... the warm weather is slowly disappearing

I'm in a good mood tonight. I spent the day shopping and spent a lot (well to some it may not be a lot but to me $600 on myself is a fortune!). :o) I needed business attire, shoes and a fall coat.

Knitting time is still very scarce but my time is well spent doing other things. I am at a stand still with the baby layette set but I am planning on doing some knitting tomorrow and actually finishing it once and for all.

Digging through my many UFOs, I found a great summer short sleeved sweater I had knitted over two years ago in a cotton natural beige yarn, but couldn't find the magazine that the pattern was in. All I need to do is graft it together. I love it! Now I am on the search for it and it will take me ages to leaf through all the magazines I have.

Kids have started school and things are back to a hectic pace at the office. Welcome to fall!

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