Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Back to Clicking!!!

Knitting has always been an inspiring, relaxing and creative hobby for me.

Boredom and the unknown was what first got me to knit. I had moved to the big city of Ottawa from a small town as I had landed a new job. Frankly, I did not know what to do with myself in the big city. Bars were not my thing and I didn't have a car nor many friends in the city.

While walking around the city during my lunch break, I came across a knitting shop. My love for crafts drew me into the shop and was instantly attracted to all the pattern books on the shelves. I discovered that not all knitting patterns looked like out of date styles. I was even shocked that Vogue had a knitting magazine with oodles of stylish patterns.

I went home with the Vogue knitting magazine, a "how-to-knit" book and tons of yarn.

Contrary to everyone's advice, I started knitting a summer dress. I like to see results fast and was certain that in two weeks I would be wearing that dress to work.

Two months later, after sewing the garment together and many hours of unravelling mistakes, I tried the dress on. I was utterly shocked and disappointed to look at myself in the mirror. It looked like a maternity dress. I had started knitting the front and since I was a beginner, my stitches were loose. I knitted the back with a better tight tension. I had a good laugh with my Mom, who then took the dress and made slippers out of the yarn.

Lately, with my children taking up my time, the house and a busy career, I find less and less time to knit. In fact, I have not picked up my needles in over a year. I miss it terribly and now am vowing to make time for it once again.

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